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Crappie Fishing Tackle has searched the web for the best Crappie fishing tips, tricks and fishing videos. Please come back and visit us as we will continue to find the best content for our cusomters. If you are on this page you probaby are looking for all the advice on Crappie fishing you can get and we believe these videos will help you learn more about a sport you love. 

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Fall Crappie Fishing Video by Lindy Fishing Tackle



  • Fall Crappie fishing tips
  • Why the Thill Wobble Bobber on of the best in market. 
  • How to catch Crappie in deeper waters?
  • How to place bait for Crappie fishing at correct depth?
  • How to read a Humminbird Fish finder to find Crappie?

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How to Jig For Crappie Video by Texas Fishing Online

This is one the best Crappie fishing tips videos we found. This video hits on many topics: 

  • How to fish for Crappie? 
  • When do Crappie Spawn?
  • Jigging for Crappie
  • Best rod sizes for Crappie Fishing

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This last video is a short but covers how to tell the difference between a White Crappie and Black Crappie. Also, you will learn how easy it is to filet a Crappie. 


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We hope you enjoyed these Crappie videos. Crappie Fishing Tackle will continue to look for the best videos on the web and bring them to our customers. Until then, keep jigging for Crappie!

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